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Our Investment Committee brings decades of industry expertise in driving our investment approach and allocation advice.

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It takes less than one minutes to open and verify your account through our website.

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Who we are

Livestock Centre is the first crowd-investing fund manager in South Africa, offering cutting-edge investment solutions designed for digitization and with the capacity to scale effectively. In order to maximize financial value growth and investment returns across brief repeated life cycles, Livestock hub's flagship offering, "Build a Herd," allows fractional ownership of cattle during the peak growth phase of the animal's life cycle.


Friendly and Professional

Excellent customer service creates loyal customers for life who are willing to refer your business to friends, family, and colleagues. Providing this type of excellent customer service is what Livestock Centre Management customer service department have been doing for years.

Support and Accessibility

We have made customer to staff connection easier and faster by providing live chat support on our website. We have also made Our platform to be easily accessible to everyone. Our customers can talk to use directly via our livechat system on our website.

Tech Support

We have an amazing Tech support team who are responsible for handling account errors, user issues and any other technical challenge that prevents out customers from accessing our platform. High-quality technical experts with knowledge and experience in the field of internet technologies.

Account Security

We have a hot wallet technology developed by the best security team. Strong encripted password to your personal account which makes your account accessible by you alone. Your email can also allow you to recover your account if your mobile or computer was stolen.

Officially Registered

Working as a subsidiary of Livestock Centre Our company promotes the legalization of our business and attract investment to modernize our operations.



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DAIRY COW R15,000 8% monthly for 4 years

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Feedback from Investors

My investment experience with Livestock Centre is amazing & trustworthy. Time to time valuable advise of the relationship manager always maintained my confidence which ultimately made my portfolio achieve my financial goals. I thank to the supporting team of Livestock Centre and wish them a glorious success in future.

Sihle Mgobhozi

My investing experience working with Livestock Centre consultant has been nothing short of spectacular. They have helped me every step of the way, from advising me in the beginning to streamlining the portfolio right now. Mr. Hlophe deserves special recognition for his courteous and respectful responses to all of my questions. Keep going.

Presley Moodley

I had a great experience with Livestock Centre. As an Army veteran, I believe my investments are secure and well-cared for. While Livestock Centre defends my money, I defend the boundaries. Thank you to the Livestock Centre staff.

Nkosinathi Shezi

The Livestock Center has been a terrific experience thanks to the kind staff, accurate and helpful advice, and constant support in all related areas.

Thembeka Ndlovu

The Livestock Centre is an excellent place to invest money for financial matters because it helps us every step of the way as we work toward our financial objectives. They provide their all to ensure consumer pleasure.

Jessica Smith

A wide selection of top-notch investment possibilities and events. The Livestock Centre staff has always treated me with the utmost professionalism as I have developed my portfolio over the years.

Sebastian Lewis

I have received assistance from the Livestock Centre staff over many investment rounds. I've been able to concentrate on accelerating business growth thanks to the money being secured and the counsel being provided.

Mark White

They provide exceptional, individualized financial guidance thanks to their breadth of knowledge and expertise. I can definitely suggest Livestock Centre to anyone because of this and their excellent customer service.

Henry Miller

I have been a member of Livestock Centre since 2019, which speaks for itself. Excellent customer support with prompt response to inquiries. The fact that their counsel is always truthful and in the interests of the clients is what I value most.

Bradley Jackson

The investment's quality is excellent. The Livestock Centre has been incredibly accommodating to all of my demands.

Andile Sikhosana